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The Water Protectors: The Dakota Access Pipeline

Is climate change something you believe in?  Are environmental issues a cause for concern?  Would you care if you no longer had access to clean water?

These questions are becoming a harsh reality for a Native American tribe called the Standing Rock Sioux.  The reality of the Dakota Access pipeline project directly endangering the tribe’s way of life.

The Dakota Access pipeline project aims to build a 1,172 mile long pipeline that would connect North Dakota to Illinois, in which to transport crude oil to refineries on the Gulf Coast or East Coast.  Supporters of this project see the potential to increase the region’s surrounding economy, while decreasing the need for imported oil.  However, members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe see things differently.


The pipeline would cross directly cross under the Missouri River at a place called Lake Oahe, which is only half a mile away from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.  This lake is used as the primary drink water for the reservation and is an integral part of their economy.

Although builders of the pipeline insist they’ve taken all necessary measures to protect against disasters, history shows leaks are almost inevitable.  The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has reported more than 3,300 incidents of leaks and ruptures at oil and gas pipelines since 2010.  The smallest crack will have detrimental impacts to the surrounding water supply.   Even with all these risks for contamination, the Energy Transfer company was able to find loopholes to pull the proper permits for construction.

Additionally environmentalists argue the pipeline would only fuel man-made climate changes by increasing the country’s oil infrastructure.  For these reasons we are seeing a vast majority of protestors on site at Standing Rock, physically halting the pipeline’s construction.


Various groups of people from all different backgrounds have come together to stand alongside the Sioux Tribe (including a huge social media presence).  Even after controversial reports of brutal treatment (guard dogs, rubber bullets, sound devices) from police authorities, activists are still standing their ground.  Camps filled with tents and tipis will continue to occupy the space throughout the winter.  All united together to enforce the one message of “Water is Life”.


How do you perceive this situation?  Do you believe nature should be protected at all costs?  Does water actually equal life?

If you believe in this cause you can sign the petition to stop this construction.

Music, Fireworks and 3-D Water Holograms

Saturday marked the 239th birthday for the great U.S of A.  On this great day, many celebrated with cookouts, beer and fireworks.  Spending time with good friends and family, while waving showcasing our patriotism is the only way I can imagine celebrating our independence day.  Traditionally I’ve spent my 4th of July celebrating with lawn games, beach, boats, cook-outs, and beer, lots and lots of beer.  However, this year my friends and I decided to switch it up a little by attending the AQUA EDM show at Fort Adams in Newport, Rhode Island.  Live music, a beer garden, water holograms and a killer firework show made for a memorable night to celebrate the stars and stripes.

Fort AQUA was an awesome experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to have a good time.  I’ve been to my fair share of music shows and festivals, and I must say this one was one of the most unique.  It definitely ranks at the top for originality.

There are a few things that really separate this event from other music shows.  The first distinction being their use of the ‘stage’.  Typical venues will have a stage filled with giant screens for a graphic/video to be displayed on.  Fort AQUA provides a completely original stage made of water to create water holograms which float around the artist.  This is done by layering sheets of water with fountains and mist, in combination with lights, lasers and projections.  The results are mind blowing and a real game changer.

The fancy light show at a typical music festival is always nice, but what really differentiates the AQUA experience is their alignment with WATERisLIFE (WiL). WiL is an organization dedicated to providing clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene programs to villages and schools in desperate need.  AQUA’s partnership with WiL is truly amazing, as every ticket sold brings 36.5 days of clean water to a person in a Ghanian village.  To provide further means for donations, attendees could buy a rubber AQUA bracelet for $1.00 to donate further to the cause.

We should all support the mission to stop the water crisis and save the world.  AQUA is doing it right and being a leader in the efforts  to make a change.  They provide a fun and entertaining event for all ages to enjoy, while donating to an outstanding cause.  Often times we as Americans take water for granted. The efforts made by AQUA and WiL vastly highlight the fact that water really is life.