But Now We’re Stressed Out

It’s election day and most people have been feeling very overwhelmed by this heated political campaign.  It’s been a great source for high emotions, differing opinions and general stress for many Americans.  Given our current events, along with upcoming holidays and the everyday workday grind, high stress levels don’t seem to be going away. 

This is why it’s so important to find balance in your hectic life and adopt methods to kick stress to the curb.  Healthy coping strategies are ways we are able to relax our mind and body to bring us out of a stressed state.

The more stress we take on, the more susceptible we become to health issues. If we are constantly in a level of distress, physical damage like headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, and insomnia are likely to follow. 

Many techniques can be used to overcome stress, but pick 1 or 2 you like and make them apart of your routine.  Whatever methods you choose, it should focus on relaxing both the mind and body. 

Take yoga for example; there’s a reason why the last pose is always the Shavasana (Corpse Pose).  After stretching and flexing your bodies for an hour, your mind needs to relax as well.  This dead mans pose has you close yours eyes, while laying completely flat on your back.  This allows the you to focus on breathing and gives an awareness to the rising and falling of the chest.  As a result your body, mind and spirit are rejuvenated.


If yoga’s not your thing, you could go for a run by the river, then stop and rest for 5-10 minutes and soak in the nature around you.  The exercise from the run will relax your body, while the tranquil nature of water will ease your mind. 


Another example could be cleaning your house and then meditating in the newly decluttered space.  The act of cleaning will physically exert your body and relax your muscles once finished.  Then taking a few minutes to sit down in a quite space and focus on your breath will bring awareness to your present surroundings.  Living in the present, instead of worrying over future tasks, is one of the best ways to relax the mind. 


Find what works best for you and your situation.  Working through different combinations of body and mind relaxation techniques will greatly benefit your overall well being.  Find your balance that will keep you moving forward.

Some more examples of natural ways to relax.

Sometimes blasting music is the best way to deal with stress:

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