Using Yoga to Equalize Your Vata Dosha

In a previous blog post, I spoke about the three Doshas that define the energies in your body.  It is important to know which of these Doshas you align with and act accordingly to them.  The video above gives advice to Vata Dosha’s who are imbalanced.

Vata is known to be cold, mobile, light and expansive.  To combat any imbalances, you want to encourage the opposite qualities.  In this case it will be warmth, stability, grounding and focus.  You want to be focused on the present moment to bring health and well being.

While performing these exercises, you want to increase your inhalation, which warms and builds your body.  Extending the length of your inhale, while increasing the depth of your breath will promote grounding.

Stability is another element to work on by grounding your feet and hands.  In standing positions use your ball mounds on your feet to help balance yourself.  If in the downward dog position, use your thumb and index finger to root your hands.

Make sure to keep your gaze level low to below the horizon.  Your eyes should be facing slightly downwards towards the earth, focusing on one fixed spot.

Movement should be slow, fluid, gentle and easy.  Use a steady pace to assist with inner movement.  With this slow pace, synchronize your movement and breath to transition from one posture to the next.  It is important to pause at each posture and hold.  The results should leave you feeling warm, stable, grounded and present.  Feelings of nurture, support and strength means you are back in balance.





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